6 Gift Ideas For The Dog Lover in Your Life in 2021

6 Gift Ideas For The Dog Lover in Your Life in 2021

Jenny CollinsSeptember 05, 2021


6 Best Idea Gift for Dog Lovers


The past couple of years have shown that life without a dog is just not acceptable :)

Our dogs are more than just pets.  They are our loyal companions, our best friends, and fur babies. 


And you are not just an average dog mamma. You are hip and cool, someone who not only spoils her pup (righteously so!), but also treats herself, or a dear dog lover friend, with a unique, custom gift that expresses the love for dogs.


Brighten someone's day with a thoughtful dog-related gift. Our dog gifts are suitable for any occasion! It doesn't matter, whether it's for a birthday, "happy gotcha day", or for Christmas.


Check out these 6 gift ideas for dog lovers - and the best part? Everything can be customized!  :)


6 Pawsome Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers


  1. Handmade Custom Dog Wood Christmas Ornament 


Not another generic Christmas ornament that everyone has! 

Include your own dog into your Christmas decoration with a handmade, personalized wood Christmas ornament that has your dog’s breed, name, and year on in. 

You can even get a dog quote added to the ornament. 

2) Celebrate the season in style with funny Dog Bandanas!

We have stylish dog Bandanas with hilarious sayings on them that promise to catch people's eyes, not only on Instagram, but also on the street!

3) dis the season... for warm drinks in cute Dog Mugs!

Who says a mug must be boring? Or have a generic design? There are so many options for cute and funny coffee mugs, but stand out from the crowd with a mug that has a drawing of your own dog on it.

4) A Custom Digital Dog Portrait

Customized gifts are the way to express care and love. So, if you are looking for a thoughtful and unique gift for a dog lover, then a customized digital dog portrait should be on your list. A portrait of your dog is a great gift that will be cherished for years to come.

5) A funny dog potholder that will upgrade your Kitchen

If you are thinking of a small yet unique gift, then an adorable dog potholder is the gift for you!
Maybe filled with some homemade goodies, the potholders make a simple, yet wonderful gift.


6) Can't decide? How about a Dog Gift Box?


Dog gift boxes are the coolest! They can be customized for any occasion, and not only do they contain cool stuff for you, as the dog mom, or dog dad, but also for the dog in your life!

For instance, our dog gift boxes contain a toy (either a plush lamb chop, or a KONG tennis ball) for your dog, an awesome dog bandana, and lots of cool, personalized gifts for a dog mom... or dog dad. Or both. You choose!